Saturday, September 11, 2010


What can stretching do for you? Stretching can improve your posture and research also shows that regular stretching can boost strength gains.

What is static stretching? Static stretches are those that you hold without moving or bouncing. When it is done regularly, it can boost strength gains, increases flexibility, reduces muscle tension and improves posture and appearance. Static stretching is most beneficial after your cardio or strength session, or between weight lifting sets.

What is dynamic stretching? This type of stretching is through a controlled and continuous range of motion. The benefits of dynamic stretching increases blood flow to muscles, reduces stiffness and prepares the body for more vigorous exercise. Dynamic stretching is bet done in your warm up before a weight lifting or cardio workout.

So remember to warm up with dynamic stretching and cool down with static stretching. Get to it!

(Journal of Strength & Conditioning)

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